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slipping glimpser

Added on by Sara Distin.

Sitting in a gallery space with my own work has proved to be a far more engaging experience than I had imagined. Two interesting references include: The work of Bing Wright, below, and

Fly Disaster II, 1997, silver print, 29 1/4 x 37 inches

and this quote from Willem deKooning:

"I'm in my element when I am a little bit out of this world: then I'm in the real world -- I'm on the beam. Because when I'm falling, I'm doing all right; when I'm slipping, I say, hey, this is interesting! It's when I'm standing upright that bothers me: I'm not doing so good: I'm stiff. As a matter of fact, I'm really slipping, most of the time, into that glimpse. I'm like a slipping glimpser."

I don't necessarily think that this quote is appropriate for this photo but of the Bing photographs I found, I liked this one the best; in all, I am still undecided about the work in general. However, I am enamored with Willem's words and am grateful for the reference (thank you Cyrilla and Philip; great minds do think alike!).