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nice and happy and perfect and saved

Added on by Sara Distin.

Yesterday I was informed that it was the Autumnal Equinox and that it was the day of perfect balance and harmony between light and shadow and day and night. And, if I believed that the stars would save my life, that would have been the day... (sigh...) And even though I don't believe that the stars are going to save my life, today, walking home across the Williamsburg Bridge, I read these things on the pavement: "you're beautiful," "your job is not your life," and "my god I'm so happy!" The first two were a result of a stencil, the work of an artist (consoling a girl/boyfriend or fulfilling some sort of public service?), but the last one was just scrawled across the sidewalk, making me wonder, who, in a spontaneous fit of joy, grabs a can of spray paint, without any sign of premeditation or planning (unlike the stenciler)? But it also made me think about Jason Evans who takes a photograph of something that makes him happy every day. His site, The Daily Nice, is about his "enthusiasm for looking and being." It's a fun site; photographs and taking photographs do make people happy, myself included.

This photograph is not from The Daily Nice but is from Jason's portfolio site, The New Scent. I choose it because I think it is something that Jason saw while walking and looking down and thinking (like I was today). And maybe he was thinking about art and photography, and funny things that other people say, and other people, and seeing and being and loving. Maybe he was thinking about all the things that save your life when you know that astrology won't.